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Verizon Reverse Lookup everse phone lookup is a way to locate someone with the use Verizon Reverse Lookup of their phone number only. You do not need to know that person's name; it would just be a plus. Actually, a reverse phone lookup is an alternative search engine with a database of phone numbers. Since phone number lookup directories specializes in phone number searches, they can even track down cell phone numbers and unpublished numbers. The ability to track down cell phone numbers in addition to residential numbers makes a reverse telephone lookup more valuable than traditional 411 reverse searches. The information provided with a reverse lookup are also more in depth. For example, a search can disclose pertinent information such as a person's name, alternate phone numbers, close relatives, and numerous addresses. The real value in performing a phone search comes in handy when attempting to search for someone who wants to remain anonymous. Certain criminals such as crank callers, perverts, and scam artist can no longer hide behind an unlisted phone number. A quick reverse phone lookup can reveal the person behind a harassing phone call within Verizon Reverse Lookup seconds. It can reveal their cell number, their location and all kinds of relevant info including name. Can you imagine the look on a perverts face when you address them by name and politely ask them to stop calling or you will call the police. Even better yet, how about the look in the face of someone who swindled you out of a substantial amount of money. You can literally show up on their doorsteps with the authorities as if you were a Verizon Reverse Lookup private investigator. So in essence, a reverse phone lookup is your personal private eye. A reverse phone lookup is definitely not a scam. Every single search will not provide an exact match; This is true even with 411 reverse lookups. In the event that a search does not yield the results that you are looking for, you can simple request a refund or perform another search utilizing an alternate phone number. Verizon Reverse Lookup Some of the more reputable phone directories utilize ClickBank as their payment processor. ClickBank is one of the most trusted merchant processing centers online.